For the ecommerce who know that data are fashionable

What is copernika?

COPERNIKA is an analytical tool aimed at Ecommerce, more specifically those who sell fashion products that automatically and easily unify all the tools necessary for the proper development of your activity.

COPERNIKA provides a web interface where you can get the most of all the data that generate your activity, detect tracking patterns through social networks and even see trends in products to know what are the best sellers, among many things. This will greatly facilitate decision making and will allow you to get more out of your business.

If you already make SEO and marketing campaigns this is the next step to know your business 360º

What does copernika allow to do?


you will have a better manage of your stock and will avoid inconvinient stops that will lead you to looses

Merge all your data

With others from external sources, which may have a more thorough knowledge of the situation in which it is located and how to act

Analyze all the data

Make better decisions based on the results. Know what to do and when do it will allow you to take advantages about your competitors saving time and money

Get more out of your data

thanks to Business Intelligence. What products are the best sellers and why, customer profiles, results of previous Marketing campaigns, and improve your business

Financial Control

Visualice las facturas y tenga un mejor control de todos los ingresos y gastos que genera la actividad de la empresa.


Make more effective marketing campaigns and attract new customers eassier.

why to choose copernika?


Unify all your work in one application and forget about having a different application for each task. Having your activity unified will allow you to have a global vision of your entire business, get to know it better and know how to act accordingly. Reducing time when managing your company will save you a lot of costs


From Datatons we want to give the maximum possible facilities, that’s why we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition in something as important as personalization.
While the rest of the applications on the market are not programmed, we leave the application ready so that from the first moment you can start working with it and get the most out of it

OUR EXPERIENCE guarantee us

In Datatons we have created Copernika with the desire to be able to transfer the effectiveness of the big company, to the small business in an economic way. Data is the key to all good business and big companies have sections dedicated to analyzing the data that creates their activity, thanks to Copernika you can have the tools of a large company on your computer.

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